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Why You Need An Attorney

There are many Title Insurance Companies in Connecticut. We are a member of CONNECTICUT ATTORNEYS TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY (CATIC), one of the largest title insurance companies in Connecticut — We and CATIC provide information to you, regarding your real estate transaction. We have put this information on the following Real Estate pages for your easy reference.

The benefits of having an experienced Real Estate Attorney on your side.

When you enter into a real estate transaction, there's much at stake. To obtain the outcome you want, it makes sense to have a trusted advisor and advocate at your side — your Real Estate Attorney. We are in the best position for this role and can help you face changing circumstances that come up in the process of buying property. Here are just a few examples of why you should start with an experienced Real Estate Attorney, such as Wallace R. Williams, III with over 20 years experience.

Protecting the investment you'll have in your home.

The title to your property may have some very expensive strings attached that you know nothing about. Where land records date back centuries, tracing the legal history of a given piece of property is complicated (especially in Connecticut ). It takes an experienced Real Estate attorney to navigate the history of past owners and compare the legal descriptions of the property you intend to buy. As your Attorney, we can verify key facts, help secure title insurance, and advise you of any circumstances that may affect your investment.

Professional negotiation and closing representation.

Successful negotiation involves practical experience and knowledge. We are here to act on your behalf with the benefit of experience and training in the subject of real estate transfers and loans. This is especially important as you get closer to your closing, when unexpected issues can arise. We are also here to make your life easier. With new technologies to streamline the process, we make your closing more convenient and more cost-effective. The other side of your Real Estate transaction is always represented by an attorney. You should be too.

Knowing and interpreting the law.

Residential real estate laws are complicated. Municipal, state, and federal statutes are difficult to follow and interpret. Environmental issues like lead paint, asbestos, mold, and buried oil tanks must be disclosed and evaluated. Encroachments, land use restrictions, and zoning information also require legal review. We have the training, the resources, and the ­expertise to help you with them. As the laws change, we can keep you informed and protected.

A smart use of time and money.

Those who attempt to do a closing without an attorney ultimately hire an attorney when it’s too late and they have “given away the farm.” When you consider the value of having an experienced Real Estate Attorney to protect you and guide the transaction forward with your interest in mind, it makes good sense to hire us.

Ask us!

Real estate transactions are complicated, time consuming, and have many pitfalls. With us on your side, you can stay both informed and protected. That's why having us represent you is important. When it's time to buy, sell, or refinance your real estate transaction, call us at (203) 261-1333 or e-mail us at

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