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Probate and Estates

You will go to the Probate Court for the following Legal Matters:

A. Estates and Trusts

1) Will - Determine who inherits what under the will.
2) No Will - Process the orderly administration of the estate
3) Trusts - Making sure the wishes of the person who set up the trust is done.
4) Interpretation - For wills and trusts. Interpret the meaning and intent of the maker.
5) Real Estate and Personal Property - Under certain circumstances, determine to rightful owner or title to property.

B. Guardians/Conservators

1) Appoint guardians for incapable individuals.
2) Appoint guardian of the estate of a child.
3) Appoint guardian of the person for a child.
4) Appoint consercators of the estate and/or person for incapable individuals.

C. Parents

1) Remove unfit parents as guardians of the children.
2) Terminating parental rights of parents who do not take care of their responsibilities as parents.
3) Hearing paternity matters of fathers who are not marries to the mothers of their children.

D. Additional Probate Court Matters

1) Name changes.
2) Approving/Disapproving settlements of law suits brought on behalf of minors.
3) Approving/Disapproving the marriage of anyone under the age of sixteen (16) years old.


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